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Welcome to L&L Fabricating


L&L Fabricating is a family owned and operated business located in Wellington, Ohio. We started our business in 1977 and we serve a small group of select customers across the United States and Canada. Our specialty is designing totally functional air brake training displays with antilock and traction control. Additionally, we manufacture drum and disc brake stands and axle assemblies. Our primary customer base is vocational schools, OEM vehicle manufacturers, military, and brake component manufacturers.

For additional information, please visit the Bendix document library here, and search for the following:

  • SD-13-47672 Advanced Multi-Channel Trailer ABS Module
  • SD-13-4863 EC-60 ABS/ATC Controller (Standard & Premium Models)
  • SD-13-4767 Bendix TABS-6 Trailer ABS Module
  • SD-13-4869 EC-60 ABS/ATC/ESP Controllers (Advanced Models)
  • BW-1114 Quick Reference Catalog
  • A-com Diagnostic Software









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